HTC One m7



  • easy installation and configuration with Aroma installer
  • overclocking/underclocking options
  • select independent frequencies for each core
  • choose auto minimum voltage (725mV to 850mV)
  • fulluser voltage control
  • mpdecision options (battery saving, stock, performance)
  • optional GPU overclocking
  • modified ondemand CPU Governor for balance between performanc and battery life
  • GPU governors: ondemand, simple
  • i/o schedulers: ROW, FIOPS, SIO, CFQ, NOOP, deadline
  • kernel based thermal control (extra cool, run cool, default, and run hot)
  • optional sweep2wake, doubletap2wake, logo2wake with pocket detection
  • optional logo2menu
  • optional button light notification
  • optional max screen off frequency
  • init.d support
  • optional force fastcharge
  • NTFS r/w, exFAT, CIFS and extended OTG support
  • optional faux123 color and gamma control
  • headphone gain control
  • support more game controllers (including XBOX and PS3)
  • increased refresh rate for HDMI output via MHL adapter


Kernels available for download in EX Kernel Manager

EX Kernel Manager

Quick and easy updates and full control


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