Nexus 7 (2013)



  • Stock/AOSP and CyanogenMod/CAF versions
  • easy installation and configuration with Aroma installer
  • optional wake gestures support
  • optional sweep2wake
  • optional doubletap2wake
  • option to disable magnetic on/off
  • overclocking/underclocking options
  • l2 and bus bandwidth overclocking options
  • GPU overclocking options
  • choose automatic minimum voltage (725mV to 850mV)
  • full user voltage control
  • ElementalX CPU governor
  • kernel-based thermal control
  • init.d support
  • USB fastcharge
  • NTFS r/w and exFAT support
  • RGB color control
  • optional USB OTG + charge mode
  • MultiROM support


Kernels available for download in EX Kernel Manager

EX Kernel Manager

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