Xiaomi Redmi Note 3



    • Easy installation and setup with Aroma installer
    • Optimized for performance and battery life
    • Compatible with fpc102x and Goodix fingerprint sensors
    • Wake Gestures (sweep2wake and doubletap2wake)
    • Sweep2sleep
    • Overclock/underclock CPU
    • Advanced color control
    • USB fastcharge
    • Block wakelocks
    • Sound control (full range analog & digital headphone gain)
    • Fingerprint as homebutton (Goodix fingerprint only)
    • Wake Gestures (sweep2wake and doubletap2wake)
    • Hall sensor (for magnetic flip cases)
    • FIOPS, BFQ, CFQ, deadline, noop, SIO and zen i/o schedulers
    • exFAT and NTFS r/w support
    • DriveDroid support
    • Option to disable fsync
    • Adjust or disable vibration
    • Gamepad support


Kernels available for download in EX Kernel Manager

EX Kernel Manager

Quick and easy updates and full control


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